Welcome to the Google Earth Guide Book where you can discover all the fun, and serious, things that Google Earth can be used for.

Google Earth creates a 3D mapping of the entire planet from satellite photographs allowing you to ‘fly’ around the world to any location and view it from space.

 London Sights

   Rome Tourism
 Buckingham Palace    Rome Pantheon

Having ‘arrived’ you can zoom in travelling from 4,ooo miles above the Earth down to 400 meters. As you get closer and closer to the planet surface you may see houses, trees and individual cars on the street, boats in the rivers, or recognise specific buildings and landmarks.

 Odd Sightings    Weird things
 Odd sightings    Starsigns

Please this site to learn more about Google Earth basics and the more exciting things which can be seen when you install the application on your computer.

In addition to covering the basics:-

  • What the software can do
  • Where you can download it from
  • What are the system requirements
  • How you do the basics

We will also show you some very interesting things: –

  • How to go sightseeing without leaving home
  • How to give your friends travel directions to your home
  • How to overlay additional information on the maps
  • How to combine the information with Google search data
  • Insight on the other Google Earth hacks

So please read on and enjoy.